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This was such a fun and informative workshop! Anyone whose life is touched by dementia should attend!

Valerie M., Caregiver

I participated in the Workshop today at Steel City Improv and would highly recommend. So informative and fun. A wealth of information to put into practice and help.

Andrea K., Caregiver

Excellent workshop and such a unique way to present this information. This is not your typical workshop where you just sit a listen to a speaker. It is high energy and gets the audience involved in the process. It was both fun and educational.

Suzanne T., Redstone Highlands

Great workshop! It was filled with practical ideas that can be easily applied to communicating with a person with dementia. I attended with two of my staff from an Adult Day Health Center and will be returning with additional staff.

Lisa J., Administrator at Adult Day Health Center

This seminar was incredibly helpful. Not only was it interactive and fun, it acted as a support group for those of us dealing with family members with dementia. We are not alone in this challenge, and this program offers real, guilt-free ways to approach it. I highly recommend it!

Judy D., Nurse

I want to thank you for having this workshop. I went and saw my mother the other day, and I felt SO much better knowing that I had a “toolkit” of strategies to communicate with her. This was a wonderful workshop.

Debbie W., Caregiver